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My Fishing Blog.

My Fishing Blog. -

Maggot drowning teams of 4 – Toft Lakes.


I’ve been fishing Bucko’s M.D teams of 4 matches for the last 5 years now and have enjoyed every one thoroughly. This years match took us to Toft farm Warwickshire which is a manageable 50 mins journey for me.

Having got to the fishery at 8:40 (how long is that track to the fishery!!) i was soon amongst familiar friendly faces and there was also a noticeable amount of jinxsters in attendance. The first thing i had to do was pay my remaining £10.00 to Bucko who was very welcoming, as always. Then, most importantly of all, a nice cup of coffee !!. Having obtained my brew i went for a look around the fishery and soon met up with Dave Moore.

We had a look for the pegs we would like to draw out the bag. This did not take long as we soon clocked the big island with about 15 pegs and a nice chuck. After about 15 mins of daydreaming we headed to the cabin for the draw where i was met by Simple Simon who promptly informed me i was not a team captain after all but a member of his team. Simon had already drawn our pegs for the day (Bucko’s system is for the captain to draw an envelope with 4 pegs from each section and the distribute them amongst his team). I chose peg 24 at the far end of the lake. When i finally got to the car park down that end of the lake we had to hang around for 20 minutes due to bucko’s 9:30 at the peg rule which was fine by me as it gave me time to chat to the locals and try to work out a tactic for the match. The news was not the best, the local lad in my section (who went on to win our section) informed me that we had no chance at all our end of the lake. This did not worry me to much anyway as we were fishing for section points.

Upon reaching my peg i noticed on each side that there were nice long margin swims. I was also happy to be pegged alongside two of the Jinx mafia Dave Moore and Neil Riddy which ensured a mini match of our own with £2 all in the winner would pick up a cool £6.

Watch out there’s jinxters about dave and Neil.

My 3 rigs for the day were 14.5m, which was about 7ft and made from a 0.3 walker diamond on 3.5 ultima power silk and 16- 808 hook, left margin at 5m along the bank and 6m on my right bank side both were set at about 3ft, again these rigs were 3.5 ultima power silk and 808 – 16′s with Wilkinson 0.2 margin floats.

Baits for the day were Miracle baits micro pellets, feed pellets were Miracle baits 6m soft garlic hookers and some left over Rolf’s 6m pellets for banding to the hook. At the all in i potted in a big cup of micro’s on the 14.5m line and went straight on it. Unfortunately for me i did not realise how strong the wind was and after 5 minutes of struggling to hold the pole i decided to give this swim up, which was a shame, as i had 2 good bites. My new line at 5m in front was promptly plumed up which was exactly the same depth as the 14.5m line. After dumping in another full pot of Miracle baits micro’s i went straight on it.

Looking around my section i could see no one was running away with it, Dave Moore next to me had started to pick up a few on the method feeder which had me starting to regret not setting one up. After 20 minutes or so i started to get signs of fish in the peg and started to pick the odd one up on soft Miracle baits garlic hooker’s and every so often one on banded 6m pellet. Although small as the carp was, i was glad to be getting some action at last. I managed to put a steady run of about 15 small carp together for the next three hours or so then i decided to have a look in the margins for the last hour which resulted in 4 carp about 3-4lb.

The anglers on the opposite bank all started picking up some lumps on the paste. In the last hour i noticed also Neil Riddy started to get a few on the paste. At the all in our mini match banter was in full flow due to us being out the running for the main event. I reckoned on 20 fish for about 20lb, Dave the same and Neil said he had 8 fish for about 15lb. My nets were weighed in first, they came in at 33-15 which resulted in some shocking abuse of Dave and Neil. Next up was Dave who knocked 20-7 and Neil 30-11. which meant i was the mini match champ and  £4 in profit.

Once everyone was back at the cabin the raffle proceeded and was promptly followed by the results and presentation where i discovered i had won my section by default. On the team front we finished 4th overall just outside the prizes.

Points 25 Forth

Simple Capt 16lb.01 4

Ulladubulla 69lb.13 7

Shotgun Kid 49lb.03 4

Dave Wall(drynet) 33lb.15

Section by default.



Points 15 First Weight

8 Milo Capt 42lb.04

2Yellowbard 68lb.08

3 Chubb  34lb.01

2 BaggerJ 78lb.13

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